Water Management Solutions

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we, at Masterpak focus on helping growers achieve maximum crop results while responsibly using and protecting water as a precious resource. For this, we put in place a comprehensive product portfolio that ensures efficient water management and irrigation systems for every end-use application.

Our products are designed to be customizable to meet our customer’s needs, easy to use and durable. The end goal is sustainable agriculture with optimized yield every season.

  • Mulch Film

    Co-extruded PE mulch film to regulate and balance soil temperature, and prevent soil drainage and fertilizer washing.

  • Water Tube

    Polyethylene water-tube films recommended as a cost-effective irrigation method to adjust water flow and direction suiting the crop and irrigation needs.

  • Water Membrane

    Co-extruded polyethylene film water membrane to construct reservoirs and collect water sourced from rain or other sources in a cost-effective and easy way.