Paper Cores

Paper Cores
100% Recyclable

Paper Cores are the most preferred packing material recommended for so many industries; used for winding and unwinding stretch films, metal and aluminum wires, non-woven products, and paper and tissue products.

Also known as paper tubes and paper pipes

Manufactured with a high level of smoothness, roundness, linear measuring, and surface hardness with no gap or wrinkles.

It ensures it can carry a wide range of products in multiple ranges of weights and offers sustainable packaging solutions.

Polished cores are available for Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) and other low thickness film manufacturers.

The eco-friendly and recyclable paper cores possess excellent winding properties at high speed.


Withstand high strains and stresses
Highly customized and cost-effective
Withstand long shipping time
Easy to use by industrials and customers


Metal and aluminum wires, non-woven products, paper products, stretch film, and tissue products .


Wall Thickness
Core Length
Core Inner Diameter
Paper Color
Paper Type
1.5 – 220 mm
150 – 3000 mm
30 – 200 mm
Different kind of GSM

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