PE Backsheet Film

PE Backsheet Film

PE backsheet films for converting adult nappies, baby diapers, feminine sanitary napkins and party-liners. It has a non-breathable film composition and non-woven lamination for super soft and cloth-like feeling.

Also known as plastic bottom sheet for diapers and fluid-impermeable bottom cover sheet.

Backsheet films are made from polyethylene material. They are non-porous which prevents liquid stream, airflow and moisture.


Soft touch
Liquid control
Good mechanical properties

Micro-embossing for a silk touch available
Plain or printed up to 8 colors


Adult nappies, baby diapers, feminine sanitary napkins, and panty-liners.


Film Thickness
Roll Width
Roll Length
Film Type
Film Color
Film Printing
Core Inner Diameter
15 – 35 gsm
7 – 180 cm
Standard OD 55 cm – and per your requirements
In-line extrusion lamination
Per your requirements
Up to 8 colors
76 – 152 mm

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