Form Fill Seal (FFS) Films for Detergent

Form Fill Seal (FFS) Films for Detergent
100% Recyclable

Printed FFS (form-fill-seal) PE (polyethylene) film for automated packaging used for detergent powders, which use gravity for bag filling.

Customized bag sizes contain different material weights and can be used with a wide range of filling equipment for fully automated or manual filling.

Co-extruded PE open mouth bags offer protection for bag content and ensure optimal shaped pallets. Due to its clock shape, the top and bottom sealing bags can be embossed. These bags contain anti-slip agent for more pallet stability. 

Manufactured in co-extrusion technology using advanced top technology of raw material and additives to secure a high product performance.

FFS Bags can be offered mono-color in White, or bi-color white and black from inside.

End product can be presented in tube, gusset tube, and flat sheet rolls.


High production outputs requesting high filling capacities reaching 2100 bags/hour
Customized specs according to customer requirements
Fully-Automated Packaging: Forming, filling & sealing
High packing speed, short filling process production lead time and reduced inventory costs
Proper winding conditions to avoid film blocking with a designed film structure to secure easy material flow inside bags
High outer layer friction for better pallet shape & stability
Micro-perforation for powder packaging to eliminate air entrapment after bag sealing
Special printing ink with high resistance to UV radiation


Detergent powder


Film Thickness
Roll Width
Side Gusset
Roll Outer Diameter
Film Color
Core Inner Diameter
Embossing and Micro-Perforation
100 – 200 microns
37 – 48 cm for gusseted tube
3.5 – 9 cm
Up to 130 cm
Per your requirements
PVC 76 & 152 mm
Inline up to 4 colors on one side or 2 colors from both sides; otherwise up to 8 colors.
Per your requirements
3 rolls / pallet

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