Water Membrane

Water Membrane
Water Membrane
Water Membrane
Water Membrane
Water Membrane
Water Membrane
Water Membrane
Water Membrane
Water Membrane
Water Membrane
100% Recyclable

Co-extruded polyethylene film water membrane is the most cost-effective and easiest way used to construct reservoirs and collect water sourced from rain or other sources.

Can be used for potable water and waste water collection, as well as for fish and frog farming, water canalization or any other aquatic and decoration/landscape purpose.                          

Also known as canal lining film, geomembrane, pond lining film, and water reservoir.                                                                        

Water membrane film is manufactured with very high mechanical properties to resist puncture and tearing.

Its flexibility feature allows it to elongate under stress and pressure to maintain integrity of the liner.

Can spend longer time under specific application and/or geographic location.

The black opaque internal layer prevents weed growth.

Film available in black color can guaranty best opacity and optimized resistance against UV sunrays.


Match different shapes of the pond, due to its flexible liner
Collect rain-water before reaching the sea
Protect groundwater source or streams from contaminated water
Ensure an ideal environment for a whole array of fish due to UV stabilizer additive and non-toxic materials
Suit artificial lake and/or farm irrigation and work as an affordable alternative solution in comparison to concrete ponds


Recommended for potable water, irrigation water, wastewater, fish, and frog raising.


Film Width per Roll
Product Presentation
250, 300 & 500 microns
6, 7, 8, 10 & 12 meters
Master rolls: for further conversion purpose
Standard rolls: for ready use
Pre-sealed and welded pack: for direct laying on artificial ponds

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