Banana Bunch Cover

Banana Bunch Cover

Blue PE bags used to protect banana clusters during cultivation, against birds and pests, external natural conditions (wind, rain, hail, sun damage) to improve banana quality and appearance, free of mechanical injuries.

Available in bags on roll or cut bags in bundles, banana bunch covers are manufactured in co-extrusion technology for enhanced properties and in blue translucent color, for easy inspection of the fruit development by the growers.                                                     
Also known as banana ripening bags, banana bunch covers, banana covers, and crop covers for bananas.


Bananas bags, available in clear/transparent or different colors on demand allow faster and more trustworthy harvest, adequate ripening and protect bananas from necrotic burns resulting from direct sun rays impact.


Allow faster and more trustworthy harvest
Allow adequate ripening of the banana
Improve quality and appearance of the fruits
Protect from external natural conditions (wind, rain, hail, sun damage, etc.)
Prevent mechanical injuries(marks & scratches)
Prevent birds, insects and fruit flies from damaging the fruit and causing spots


Recommended for bananas.


Bag Perimeter
Bag Length
Blue transluscent
20 & 45 microns
1.5 & 1.6 meters
From 1.15 to 1.6 meters

Under Development
Impregnated Bananas Bags

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